Garmin fenix 6 pro solar gps smartwatch 33mm fiber

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With practical dependability attached lớn your wrist at all times, the Garmin fenix 6 Pro Solar GPS watch is a piece of gear that more than deserves the attention of adventure-seekers.

Until a few years ago, GPS watches didn’t appeal khổng lồ me in the least. I had all of the functionality for hunting trips that I needed in my regular GPS.

But I started realizing that my GPS was in my backpack most of the time. This made marking waypoints và such sort of a pain in the butt & caused me khổng lồ memorize spots rather than actually marking them.

And that right there is what pushed me khổng lồ get my first GPS watch, a Garmin fenix 5X Plus. I ran that thing for 3 years without fail. And the benefits were clear.

So when the newer 6 Pro series came out from Garmin, there was no selling lớn be done. I was in. The Garmin fenix 6 Pro Solar was a welcome addition lớn my gear list.

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Like anything, though, time would tell how it would perform in the field.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar Watch Overview

(Photo permissions/Josh Kirchner, Dialed In Hunter)

As an avid backcountry hunter, efficiency is extremely important to lớn me. And it’s really not just efficiency, but also dependability.

Some might look at something like a GPS watch and think it’s just another thing that could go wrong during your trip. However, after using them extensively, I look at a GPS watch as something that continues lớn go right.

Never have I had issues navigating with these Garmin watches, and never have I felt the urge khổng lồ distrust them.

The Garmin fenix 6 Pro Solar holds up khổng lồ the demands I’ve put in front of it. And there isn’t a doubt in my mind it’ll be on my wrist for quite some time.

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