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When you try to open the Wacom preference pane with a Bamboo tablet, you"ll get an error message saying"Waiting for synchronization", then finally "There is a problem with your tablet driver.Please reboot your system. If the problem persists reinstall or update the driver". For an Intuos 3 or Cintiq 1st gene tablet,the preference pane will open, but clicking anything will cause it to crash with the message "There was an error in WacomTablet preferences." For Graphire & Intuos 1 và 2 tablets, the driver"s installer couldn"t even run on Catalina.

Thankfully I was able to lớn track down the issues & I have patched the drivers to lớn fix them!

My fixed Bamboo driver (v5.3.7-6) supports these tablets:

CTE-450, CTE-650 - Bamboo Fun / Bamboo Art Master (2007)CTE-460, CTE-660 - Bamboo One PenCTF-430 - Bamboo OneCTH-300, CTH300, CTH301K - Bamboo PadCTH-460, CTH-660 - Bamboo Pen and TouchCTH-461 - Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch / Bamboo Craft / Bamboo Fun Special EditionCTH-470 - Bamboo Capture / Bamboo Pen & Touch / Bamboo CreateCTH-661 - Bamboo Fun / Bamboo Art Master (2009) / Bamboo Fun Pen and TouchCTH-670 - Bamboo CreateCTL-460, CTL-660 - Bamboo PenCTL-470 - Bamboo Connect / Bamboo PenCTT-460 - Bamboo TouchMTE-450 - Bamboo

My fixed Graphire 1 & 2 & Intuos 1 & 2 driver (v6.1.6-4) supports these tablets:

ET-0405-U - Graphire / Graphire 1 (USB)ET-0405-R - Graphire / Graphire 1 (Serial) - Untested, let me know if it works!ET-0405A - Graphire 2GD-0405-U, GD-0608-U, GD-0912-U, GD-1212-U, GD-1218-U - Intuos (USB) (1998)GD-0405-R, GD-0608-R, GD-0912-R, GD-1212-R, GD-1218-R - Intuos (Serial) (1998) - UntestedXD-0405-U, XD-0608-U, XD-0912-U, XD-1212-U, XD-1218-U - Intuos 2 (USB)XD-0405-R, XD-0608-R, XD-0912-R, XD-1212-R, XD-1218-R - Intuos 2 (Serial) - Untested

My fixed Graphire 3 driver (v5.2.6-5) supports these tablets:

CTE-430, CTE-630 - Graphire 3CTE-630BT - Graphire 3 Wireless

My fixed Graphire 4 driver (v5.3.0-3) supports these tablets:

CTE-440, CTE-640 - Graphire 4

And my fixed Intuos 3 & Cintiq driver (v6.3.15-3) supports these tablets:

PTZ-430, PTZ-630, PTZ-630SE, PTZ-631W, PTZ-930, PTZ-1230, PTZ-1231W - Intuos 3DTZ-2100 - Cintiq 21UX 1st Gen.DTZ-2000 - Cintiq 20WSX

For Intuos 4 my fix is not needed. You can use Wacom"s official driver v6.3.41-2 instead.

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